Finding Your Best Knife Sharpener and Survival Knife - Your Customer Guide-

If you are looking for a good quality sharpening system for your knives, be sure that you are in the right place here. We will provide you on the all information and advices you need for choosing your best electric knife sharpener or manual one, or even your survival knives.
As someone said, a blunt knife is one of the most dangerous tools in your kitchen. It can slip from the tomato you are cutting and slice through your fingers. This example is just for kitchen knives, but this is also applicable for any type of kitchen blades, tillers blades and garden blades and even survival knives. A blunt blade could cause a real danger for you.
There are many types of knife sharpeners and associated kits in the Intenet. They go from Electric Knife Sharpener to knife sharpening stones. To better help you choose your REAL knife sharpener, we established a comparative study in the table below. This table presents the most branded knife sharpeners in a comparative way (components materials vs dimensions, vs weight vs customer ratings vs prices).

Comparative list of the Top Sharpeners

This comparative table of most efficient knife sharpeners contains the following column:

Picture of the knife sharpener
Average Prices: this is the average price of the sharpening equipment. Please refer to the Amazon link for the actual and updated price.
Name of the product/Brand and Amazon Links for more reviews or pricing if you want to buy
Users rating: this represents the Amazon Customers rates (5/5 stars is the maximum rate meaning "well satisfied", 0/5 stars is the minimum meaning "not satisfied")
Dimensions in inches (length x width x height)
Materials used for the abrasive wheels
Electric/Manual: precise if the sharpener is electric or manual or both.

Manual and Electric Knife Sharpeners

Before you buy a sharpener, you absolutely need to know its type: Electric or Manual knife sharpener.

Electric Knife Sharpener:

An electric sharpener is a sharpener where the abrasive wheels are electrically powered. This eases the use of the sharpener and requires very low effort from the master chef to sharpen her/his knife. This knife sharpening tool is generally composed by diamond material which is one of the most efficient components that provides a fine thin knife blade.
Finally, an electric sharpener is most expensive than a manual one, simply because of the complexity of the technology used and also the type of materials and components.

Manual Knife Sharpener:

It's a sharpener that requires manual efforts to draw/run the knife along the abrasive wheels in a precise angle. This type of sharpeners is mainly assembled with materials like steel, ceramic rods, tungsten carbide sharpening stones and sometime diamond abrasives.

Main Criteria's to Consider When Choosing your favorite Knife Sharpener

When you decide to buy a sharpener, here are few tips you can follow:

According to your budget and how much you want to spend, you may go for electric or manual sharpener. Both types are good, but electric ones are much easier to use and require less physical effort.
You should have a look on the customer ratings. Generally the well rated products are the best ones. But be sure that the ratings are done by many users, not only one or two users who give a maximum rate 5/5stars.
Customer's feedbacks/comments are very important to consider. For instance in Amazon, customer feedbacks can inform you about the main defects or main advantages of the sharpeners. Take few minutes to read feedbacks before you buy.
Look at the images/pictures to have an idea about how the sharpener is used with your hands. For some products, you need to take them and draw them along your knife blade. For other ones, they are fixed in a table and you need to draw your knife blade along them.
Dimensions and weights are sometime important for some people. If this is the case, have a look on the dimensions as well as the weight to be sure if they match your requirements.
Wheels materials: This is another important parameter as some materials are better than others. But again, customer reviews are the best criteria's to evaluate your product performances.

Other considerations could be taken into account, but this list of tips is enough to help you choosing your best sharpening system.
You may need some top tips to sharpen your knife.
Sharpening and reshaping the blade of your knife is something you can do by yourself thanks to variety types of sharpeners available in the market. Many models are currently available with very affordable prices. They also exist in electric and manual models, and use different types of abrasive wheels materials to better sharpen your knives: diamond, tungsten carbide, ceramic stone, steel etc. [PS: If you want to know more about those components materials, you can check Wikipedia page about knife sharpener].
Here is a good video where a top Chef presents you how to sharpen a knife. Please enjoy :)

Knife sharpening kit: Definition and Advices

Many kitchen chefs neglect to have in their kitchen a knife sharpening kit. A sharpening kit is a set of tools used to sharpen your knives. They can be:

A sharpening stone
A sharpening steel
Electric knife sharpener
Any type of manual knife sharpener

Having a knife sharpening kit will help you sharpen your knife yourself, anytime you need, without going to the professional sharpener expert.
You can find here the list of knife sharpeners reviews, with their prices and rating.

Great survival knives you should not miss

In this site, we not only provide advices for choosing your knife sharpening system, but we provide also reviews to help you find your best survival knife. In this article, we talk about the 5 great survival knives you should not miss, but in the following table, we provide a list of some great survival knives you can buy right now.

See what people say about the KA-BAR knives:

This knife can handle anything. From batoning wood to basic camping needs, this knife can do it all. Comes razor sharp and holds its edge. Bottom line, this is an amazing knife and you won't regret buying it!

See what users say about TBT040 Mini Tom Brown:

Awesome knife witha useful design if you use the different parts of the blade for its intended task I would have given 5 stars except the handle could be longer

See what others say about Cold Steel SRK Kraton:

I've read many a reviews about knives from this specialist and that. I'm not a survivalist, military, or a fanatic. I'm a woman that just wanted to get a knife that fit into my hand comfortably, came with a sheath, and could stand the abuse of me doing jobs around the house. This thing has survived all sorts of stuff! I'm pretty handy around the house and I've been able to cut wiring, start cut drywall, open any packaging, carve plastic anything, chop wood (2 x 4), split small fire wood, mis-behaving appliance recombobulation.. Oh, and all my male friends are totally jealous! The thing is just a good looking knife. The handle has no molded grips so it fits into my little hand just fine (unlike most fixed blade knives that come with molded finger holds). This knife is light and I feel like I have control over it when I hold it. Finally, it comes with a handy plastic sheath that is easy to get the knife in and out of. And yes ladies, the thing *is* too big to fit into your purse!

Here is what they say about Fallkniven A1:

Fallkniven A 1 Survival knife, one of the best. Did a lot of research on this knife and after my son bought one, decided to get one for myself too. Really appreciate Amazon's service, product arrived on schedule, with my being notified when product arrived. Very cool!

And finally, here is a review from a verified user in Amazon, about the SE37-N Seal :

Can't say anything bad about this knife its rugged, through tang, comfortable composite handle places your hand where it needs to be. It lives up to the SOG reputation. One thing to note, even though the sheath has a spot for a sharpening stone there is none.

Diamond Knife Sharpeners - Review of 2 models from Chef's Choice

It is truly aggravating and discouraging at the exact same time to learn to have a really dull knife in your kitchen area. Even if you're an inexperienced chef or homemaker, you can easily tell if a knife is not carrying out at its best. According to evaluations, this special diamond knife-sharpeners can give your knifes a razor sharpness. This is essential that you get a comprehensive understanding of how things work, to make an informed professional decision.
This is a substance that can only be found in the diamond knife sharpener. The ones made use of for the knife sharpener are comparable to sand, extremely tiny. There are many forms of diamond sharpeners.

Chef's Choice 300 Diamond Hone Knife Sharpener

Chefs Choice 300If you have stainless steel or carbon knives, this design is perfect because it comes with 100 % diamond abrasives. You do not have to press down the knife since the Chef's Choice 300 has magnetic guides. The blade of the knife is held at proper angles.

Chef's Choice 320 Diamond Hone Knife Sharpener

Chefs choice 320This product offers a trademarked and also a unique highend stropping and polishing phase. The front edges of these knives are much more long lasting since of the long lasting 2-stage sharpening. With its Hundred Percent diamond refined, you are sure that it will certainly not de-temper. The blades of the knife are held at an appropriate angle with the elastomeric accuracy spring guides. This is fit to quality knives.
The good place to shop is online since you can currently discover safe and secured stores that provide the finest deals. If you want to ensure the sharpness of your kitchen knives, the diamond knife sharpener is the best investment.

The Main Criteria to Choose Your Best Knife Sharpener

It is hard to keep your knives in good condition without using a good Chef knife sharpener. The knife sharpener is an important and essential tool for your kitchen. The sharpener will keep the knives you use everyday very sharp so you can use them efficiently. If you have ever tried..

5 Top Knife Sharpeners Brands You Should Know

When your knife blade gets dull, you can't afford to throw it out when you can purchase a great knife sharpener. They come in many types and the price varies greatly. By choosing one of the top knife sharpener brands, you know.

Our "Top 3" Selection - Best Three Knife Sharpeners Selected for You:

Below is our selection of the top 3 knife sharpeners we highly recommend. This special selection is based on customers' feedbacks, prices, quality of the material used, the constructor or brand, and some other few parameters. You can also find equivalent ones, but at least this list provides you some of the best ones in the market.

Taylor's Eye Chantry Sharpener

Chantry Knife sharpener is a compact manual sharpener very easy to use, designed by Taylor's Eye Witness Company and manufactured in Sheffield England. You can sharpen your knife quickly and easily without much effort. The abrasive wheels are based on spring loaded steel rods which allow you to have a razor sharp blade without any damage.
Currently in Amazon, this product is well rated by customers, with around 18 reviews among them 12 are 5/5 stars rated.
You can find it different colors: white, black, silver, etc. The price is around $60.00 which is quite acceptable for such good quality manual honing tool.

Dimensions: 5 x 1.5 x 4.5 inches
Weight: 2 pounds
Manual sharpener
Average Price: $60.00

What customers said?

I've been using one of these devices for years, on all manner of knives, and I love it. I have found it usually takes 20 to 30 strokes to get a very sharp edge - one that slices smoothly through tomatoes - on a chef's knife. Every knife in my drawer is sharp and ready to work thanks to this wonderful tool.
I received this as a christmas present last year and when I ran my knives through it they came out razor sharp. Previously I have used Chief's Choice electric sharpener and I found my knives only came out so-so sharp. The Chantry is fast, easy and it does not remove a lot of metal so that the knives are not damaged. I truly can't say enough about this knife sharpener.

AnySharp Pro, one of the Best Knife Sharpener

AnySharp Pro is designed by AnySharp Company and is also one of the best manual knife sharpeners available in the market. It can sharpen any type of knife all around the world. Its abrasive wheels are based on diamond precision which allows you to get a fine blade once you run your knife through it.
AnySharp Pro design makes it safe and secured to use. Amazon customers are generally satisfied by this product. With 12 reviews and 8 full 5/5 stars rates, this product is simply one of the best in the market.
Its unit price is about $29.00, very accessible for a manual and safe sharpener.

Dimensions: 13 x 13 x 8cm
Weight: 10.1 ounces
Manual sharpening system
Average Price: $29.00

What customers said?

I use this sharpener for my medium to inexpensive blades. I would never run my expensive ones through it because #1- this sharpener scrapes too much metal from the edge of the blade, and #2- it reforms the blade at an angle which I do not like (a wide V shape)
Having said that, it is great for everything else and sharpens fast and safe. You simply hold it down onto a smooth surface as you snap down the lever and it holds securely via suction power. Then just hold the knife-edge down- swipe it thru like a credit card , just 2 to 3 times, and you're done.
I must always have a constant sharp edge on my knives due to the type of work I perform. When I prepare food, I make sure I affix the sharpener on the kitchen counter so that it's ready when I need it. This sharpener saves me time and it gives a very sharp edge on all sorts of knives and scissors. I just love the storage canister it comes in!

Chef's Choice M130 Professional

Chef's Choice M130 Professional is one of the best electric knife sharpeners designed by Chef's Choice Company and assembled in U.S.A. It is based on 100% diamond abrasive wheels materials that allow you to sharpen and strop many types of branded knives in seconds: straight edge or serrated, kitchen, sports and pocket knives. Like all other electric sharpeners, it is easy to use and does not require any physical effort.
With almost 313 customer reviews in Amazon, 229 of them are 5/5 stars rated which confirms the excellent satisfaction of the different users.
The unit price is about $152,00, an affordable price for such high quality professional electric sharpener.

Dimensions: 12 x 6 x 6.2 inches
Weight: 6 pounds
Electric sharpener
Average Price: $152,00

What customers said?

I am an Executive Chef and have worked in a kitchen for over 25 years. I purchased this sharpener about a month ago and so far I am very satisfied. If you read the manual, it is very easy to use. I was at first worried about taking too much metal off of my kinves. As long as you don't over use the first stage that should not be a problem.
It put a good edge on my knives quickly and easily. I have a 10 inch wusthof that is my main kitchen knife. I put an edge on it with stage 1 over a month ago and it has remanined very sharp since. All you have to do is run it through stage 2 ( which is just like a steel) every once and a while and it maintains it's sharpness.
This might not be as precise as a steady and knowing hand and oil stones, but for kitchen use, it does the job, and does it very well.
Knives do come out sharp to shred paper and that is enough for any kitchen needs. Only complaint is that knives do cut a little bit into the plastic as you drag them through. Don't know if that is going to affect edge placement in a long run. For now this is a great tool for any home chef.