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Fun things

Knife 1-2

The first two knives that started all.
From the left knife I bought the blade in Elverum, Norway at the Hunting & Fishingdays, held at the Norsk Skogsbrukmuseum. The other blade was ground from a jigsawblade.

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Knife 3

This model  bowie was used  by Bruce Evans in his knifemaking tutorial. ( Bruce, thanks for all your tips)
I really liked the knife and gave it a try to make a miniature of it. 
All fittings are made from brass, the handle from hardwood whe use in our garden.
For the blade I used high carbonsteel from Frosts Knivfabrik in Mora, Sweden.
The dimensions are: Blade   50 mm 
                                      Handle 29 mm 
                                      Total    80 mm 
1 inch = 25,4mm 

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Knife 4

My version of the minithorn made by Kevin Wilkins.
His knives are great for making miniatures, altough their shapes are a lot more complicated than they look.
The knife is made from the Frosts high carbonsteel, the scales are bleu see treu synthetic.
Therefore the knife is polished completely.

The dimensions are: Blade    17mm 
                                      Handle  25mm 
                                      Total     49mm 
1 inch = 25,4mm 

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Knife 5

This time I made a coffin-handle bowie with a droppoint. 
Done some investment and bought a very small grinder and a buffingmachine and think it shows! 
The materials are the same I used for the other knives. 
The pins are made from stainlessteel and the handle has an inlayed escuchian plate. 

The dimensions are: Blade    54mm, just over 2" 
                                      Handle  27mm, just over 1" 
                                      Total     81mm, 3 1/4" 
1 inch = 25,4mm 

Click the picture for larger one's