G2 Global Chef's Knife

Global Master Cutlery Corporation, the creator of the G2 Global Chef's Knife, was founded in 1985, and since that time, the company has become known as crafters of some of the best kitchen knives in the world. Prior to the company's inception, no major manufacturers made one-piece, solid steel kitchen knives. Global changed all that when the company emerged on the market, and they have continued strong ever since.

The Global G2 Chef Knife is a perfect example of the care and craftsmanship the company puts into their knives. It maintains an extremely sharp edge incredibly well, and, like all Global products, it carries a lifetime warranty that provides protection against any issues that might arise in the future, such as breakage or defects. In addition to the warranty, the Chef's Knife has a number of features that make it rise above most other kitchen knives.

Global Cutlery Corp may have only been around for about 25 years, but the company has made its mark on the culinary world in that short time. Their commitment to perfection in all things, from balance to sharpness, has made an indelible impression on cooks around the world, and many other manufacturers have struggled to catch up. Until they do, however, Global will continue manufacturing such items as the Chef's Knife, and we will continue using them.