Global GF-33 8 1/4-Inch, 21-cm Heavyweight Chef's Knife

A good chef's knife is the backbone in any quality kitchen. With a good knife, a skilled chef can create masterful dishes with ultimate precision, while, with a lower quality knife, prep time can take longer, it can be more difficult to reach the same level of meticulousness with ingredients, and ultimately, cooking well is harder on the chef.

Just like a master painter needs a brush to match his skill, so too does a top level chef need the highest quality knives to create his culinary works of art, and the Global 8 1/4" Heavyweight Chef's Knife fits the bill perfectly. Global Cutlery may have only been established in 1985, but its products have won numerous Best-Of awards from many different culinary books and magazines nearly every year since its inception. The company is located in Japan and bases its knife designs on ancient Japanese traditions.

While, to the untrained eye, a knife can look just like a knife, the Global 8 " Heavyweight Chef's Knife has a number of features unique to the company that make it stand out.

Those features are just a few of the more prominent reasons why the Global Heavyweight Chef's Knife is one of the premier culinary tools available today. The weight and balance are specifically designed to reach amazing levels of comfort and precision. The materials were meticulously chosen for their durability to ensure that the knife will retain a razor-sharp edge. You won't be disappointed if you choose to add the Global Heavyweight Chef's Knife to your kitchen collection!