Kyocera Revolution Series 7-Inch Professional Chef's Knife

A high quality knife is an integral part of any professional chef's life. A knife needs to meet a number of different criteria in order to accommodate the long, sometimes very repetitious tasks a chef is required to complete throughout the day. Knives must be balanced and light to help avoid muscle strain.
They must be durable and able to hold a sharp edge for long periods of time. They must be sanitary and easy to clean, and they must be versatile, able to complete a variety of tasks without becoming completely unsuited.

The Kyocera Revolution Series 7-inch Professional Chef's Knife fits all those criteria and more. Kyocera Advanced Ceramics was established in 1959 in Japan with the vision of creating revolutionary kitchen tools that utilized cutting edge technology and materials. The company has continued successfully since then, and today, Kyocera is one of the most widely recognized names in high quality kitchen tools. The 7-inch Chef's Knife was made using all of the unique techniques that have become synonymous with the company name.

Considering all the unique benefits and advances the Kyocera Professional Chef's Knife has over its competition, and also taking into account the relatively cheap price point, the aspiring chef really has no reason not to add this knife to his or her kitchen collection.