Manual or Electrical Knife Sharpener: Which One to Choose?

The knife is an essential kitchen tool that needs to be maintained for best use. If the blade becomes dull, you will have an extremely difficult time cutting, slicing or chopping your ingredients. A meal that would normally be simple and short, with a dull blade, becomes difficult and long to prepare. Additionally, a dull knife has more chance of causing injury. This is because you have to use much more force to cut through ingredients and the knife can slip. Having a knife sharpener in your kitchen will help you avoid these problems. There are two different types of knife sharpeners - manual knife sharpener and electric knife sharpener. The best type for you depends on your preferences.
There are so many different knife sharpeners on the market. How do you know where to start and which one to choose? When you are purchasing a new knife sharpener, you can cut your search time in half by first deciding whether you want a manual sharpener or an electrical sharpener.
Retail Price. The price of a manual knife sharpener is much cheaper than an electric knife sharpener. If cost is a major factor, then a manual knife sharpener is the best choice for you.
Time to sharpen - An electric knife sharpener works much faster than the manual sharpener. If you only have a few knifes that need to be sharpened, speed might not be important to you. However, if you have a lot of knives that you need to maintain and sharpen, you probably do not have a lot of time to waste using a manual sharpener. If you have severely damaged knifes, the electronic knife sharpener is the best option for you.
High quality manual and electric knife sharpeners are easy to use but the electrical knife sharpener is more user friendly. Manual knife sharpeners require some skill and can be time consuming. Once you get the hang of using a manual sharpener, you can get great sharpening results. When you use a manual sharpener, you need to maintain the right amount of pressure so your knife is evenly sharpened. The good thing is manual sharpeners give you control over the areas you sharpen. In many restaurant kitchens and butcher shops, they prefer using a manual sharpening steel because it sharpens the knives cleaner. You can easily wipe away residue, wash the sharpener and clean off the burrs. Your arm is sure to ache if you have to manually sharpener multiple knifes. Additionally, if you have limited hand mobility or arthritis, the manual knife sharpener could be an issue when you have to grasp the hand held sharpener.
Electronic knife sharpeners are a much faster way of evenly sharpen your knives. Electric knife sharpeners offer an engineered and sophisticated approach to knife sharpening. The only skill you need to use a electrical knife sharpener is being able to turn the sharpener on and off. You can use it to both sharpen and polish your knives. They are very easy to use because all you have to do is pull the blade of the knife slowly between the plates. The springs help hold and secure the knife at the proper angle. You do not have to use any lubricants such as water or oil to sharpen your knives. The down side to using an electrical sharpener is that it is hard to get the disks clean. This can pose as a big problem if you are sharpening knives that were not really clean.
The type of knives you have to sharpen- Some sharpeners are for knives with a straight edge. Straight edge knives are perfect for electrical knife sharpeners. Serrated knives should be sharpened using a manual knife sharpener. Some electrical knife sharpeners provide a manual sharpening slot so that you can also sharpen your serrate knifes. The scallops of serrated blades are most often ground on one side of the knife's blade.
Space. If you have a smaller kitchen or a kitchen with limited space on your counter, the size of your knife sharpener might be a major factor. The manual knife sharpener takes up much less space in your kitchen and can usually be kept inside of a drawer. The manual sharpeners are portable and a great option for chefs to use at home and at work. Electrical knife sharpeners are much larger and require a spot on the counter where they can be plugged into the wall.
If you are looking a comparative study between the two types, our knife sharpeners selection list can help you to better chose the best sharpener for you. In that list we selected the best manual and electric sharpeners available in Amazon. Don't miss that table if you need help.