OXO Good Grips Professional 8-Inch Chef Knife

With most product types, the general rule is that the more expensive the product, the higher quality you can expect. While there are exceptions, the rule tends to hold fast, and it applies to the culinary world, as well. Some of the highest quality knives in the world cost several hundred dollars each, however, like a few other Chef Knife products, the OXO Good Grips Professional 8-inch Chef Knife is the exception to the rule.

The OXO company motto is, "Tools You Can Hold," and they apply that to all the products they design and sell. The company manufactures high quality utensils and tools that are designed for daily household use but that are still reasonably priced enough so most discerning households can afford them. With the Chef Knife, OXO proves that a knife doesn't have to cost hundreds of dollars to work beautifully in the kitchen.

While all of us would love to be able to afford a handcrafted, high quality set of Japanese cooking knives, sadly, that goal is not within reach for most of us. OXO recognized that and designed knives that are professional grade without the professional price. The OXO Good Grips Professional 8 inch Chef Knife proves that the quality of a knife is not always dependent on its price. Just ask any chef, and they'll tell you that you can't go wrong with the Good Grips Chef Knife.