Sabatier 10 Inch Forged Carbon Steel Chef Knife

For hundreds of years, France has been known as the culinary capital of the world. Some of the best and most widely known food in the world has originated there, along with some of the best quality chef knives. That tradition continues today with the Sabatier Company, one of the oldest kitchen cutlery companies in the country.

The Sabatier 10 Forged Carbon Steel Chef Knife is the quintessential French knife, and it is manufactured to the highest standards of quality available. Any discerning chef or culinary enthusiast will be among the first to sing the company's praises, and some of the most famous chefs in the world swear by the Sabatier brand. The Chef Knife, like all products produced by the company, has a number of features that make it stand above the pack.

While the Sabatier 10-inch Forged Carbon Steel Chef Knife is an amazing and professional cooking knife made for the highest quality kitchens, it should only be used by those willing to put in the care required to keep it like new. For those who remember to wash, dry, and oil the knife immediately after each use, however, the Chef Knife will remain as flawlessly perfect as the day it was purchased.