Shun Classic 7-Inch Santoku Hollow Ground Knife

For many hundreds of years, blade-crafting has been a legendary art-form in Japan. Samurais once believed their souls resided within the blades they carried with them, and Japanese chefs have long used some of the highest quality knives in the world. Shun Cutlery is an example of that dedication to perfection - indeed, the company name, Shun, signifies culinary perfection.

The Shun Classic 7-inch Santoku Hollow Ground Knife is an award-winning knife that embodies the company's pursuit of perfection. The knife is, like all Shun products, handcrafted in Japan and features a lifetime warranty against defects and breakage. In the rare instances of the finely-honed edge of the knife becoming dull, owners can simply package their knives up, ship them to Shun Cutlery, and the company will sharpen all included products for free. In addition to the warranty, the Santoku Hollow Ground Knife has a number of features that make it stand out from the crowd.

The Blade - The blade of the knife is precision-forged with 33 layers of hardened stainless steel. This process creates a knife that is heavier than average at 1 pound even, but is exceptionally durable and that will maintain a sharp edge throughout long periods of use. Not only does the process create a blade that holds an edge for a long time, but it makes for easier sharpening, as well, more so than many other professional chefs' knives. Additionally, each side of the blade is fashioned with 10 bevels to prevent food from sticking to the blade.

The Handle - The handle is fashioned out of a substance known as PakkaWood, which is hardwood impregnated with resin. Once injected, the resin then dries out to create a material that is much harder, more durable, and less porous than regular wood. The material, along with the process of attaching it to the blade, makes the knife less susceptible to sanitary issues and makes it easier to hold for long periods of time.

The Versatility - The Hollow Ground Knife is a santoku, which means an all-purpose kitchen knife in Japanese. The blade is a wide 7-inches long with a slightly rounded blade, and it is ideally suited for chopping, slicing, or dicing nearly any type of food it comes in contact with.

Award-Winning- When the Hollow Ground Knife was released, it was awarded the prestigious Kitchen Knife of the Year award by Blade Magazine, adding just one more award to the already-impressive collection of accolades Shun Cutlery had already accumulated.

Shun Cutlery has a vast collection of some of the highest quality, professional kitchen knives and other tools available, of which the Classic 7-inch Santoku Hollow Ground Knife is but a single piece. Like all products the company offers, the Ground Knife is handcrafted from start to finish in a lengthy process that requires at least 100 steps, depending on the product. That level of care and craftsmanship is evident, and the knife would be a proud and very useful addition to any chefs' kitchen.

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