Victorinox 8-Inch Chef's Knife

Our Personal Rating: 5.0

One of the hottest chef knife sellers on the market today is the Victorinox 8-inch chef knife. Not only is this a great chef knife, but it is very affordable as well. Often costing $30 or less if you can find one for that cheap. If you are looking for your first chef knife, this is possibly one of the best chef knives available on the market for you. Don't believe me? Check out what people have to say about the Victorinox 8-Inch Chef's Knife.

Amazon Review 1:

My first exposure to Forschner/Victorinox was in the restaurant business. I was using as serrated bread knife to cut limes and I couldn't believe how well it cut and how comfortable it felt in my hand. I'd always loved good cutlery but couldn't afford Henckels or Wusthoffs so I decided to check out the Forschners. I found them to be unbelievably affordable and that they were the preferred brand of butchers/meat cutters; they had a reputation as a "working mans' knife." This was enough for me. I started buying and soon had a full set including a meat cleaver and a Chinese cleaver (which I had to order). The chef knives DO NOT have the 'heel' at the base of the blade as the upper end brands do. The absence of this heel allows a rolling/rocking motion while cutting, which I prefer. Being popular among meat-cutters Forschner offers some uncommon shapes in blades such as the "lamb skinner," so variety is there if you want it. I have no qualms about leaving one of these knives over-night in dishwater; it has no effect on the Fibrox handles. The steel is very difficult to stain or discolor because of its high Chromium content; Chromium is what makes stainless steel stainless and has an inherently negative effect on edge-holding ability, which all knife makers using stainless steel have to deal with. Despite this these knives hold a decent edge; I have no complaints. I've had my set for nearly 20 years now with no glitches or regrets. If you're into function without fashion and price IS an object, You should have a look at these.

Amazon Review 2:

I have several forged blades including comparable Wusthof and Henckels costing upwards of $120. I prefer this one cuz it's lighter and incredibly sharp. I ordered this as a gift for my brother who's a great cook. I don't know how Victorinox managed to make this blade so affordable, durable, well made, and a complete pleasure to use. The knife is very affordable, and probably the best deal in open stock knifes. I do, however, prefer working with a smaller utility knife - but out of all the chef's knifes, I think this one is the best. Yes, I know it's not a forged blade, but it's also much more affordable and incredibly sharp. Buy it. It's only $30 and is far superior to any other stamped blade you'll spend your money on.

Amazon Review 3:

I bought this knife for myself, both of my siblings and my mother for Christmas two years ago, and everyone I gave it to has raved about it. I have loved it since first use and it has been my constant companion in the kitchen. If anything should ever happen to it I will, without hesitation, purchase the same knife. It keeps its edge and is easy to sharpen when needed. I find it comfortable to hold, and the grippy handle is nicer to have than I would have expected before owning it. Perfect size. I can't rave enough.